Friday, September 24, 2010

So, here are some thoughts

A while back a few stories I wrote went up on Dogzplot. I wrote these stories instead of intros for my fellow readers at my Book Release Party! The fellow readers were Caroline Picard, Natalie Edwards, and Jill Summers and they are great.

I was out of town for the last few days. I went to Louisville to visit a friend. This friend is like therapy, Prozac, home cooking, and college all rolled into one person. Seriously, some friends are just what a person needs to maintain sanity and she is one of them.

While in Louisville we went to the Peddler's Mart and I bought this bird cage:

I think I'm going to paint it black and be all goth about it.

I also bought little pots for French Onion Soup making.

It was a quick drive to Chicago. Then, once in Chicago, I was in stop-and-go traffic for an hour. People in cars are assholes.

I went to Target and bought a box of wine and sweater that I am going to return as it makes me look like a nun.

I came home and moved the box that I keep my bracelets in to the bathroom to hold my makeup. I moved the makeup box into the bedroom and filled it with bracelets. I then attempted a smokey eye:

I had also just finished watching Australia's Next Top Model. So, you know, that's my model face. Take that, Alice Burdeu.

Turns out I sent a resume to a potential employer with all the formatting lines and whatnot included. I realized this yesterday. I sent the resume two months ago. Urgh.

The lines didn't show up on my Mac, but they did show up on a PC. Is there some conspiracy to not let Mac users get jobs or something? I shall now send everything as a pdf.

Hey, guess what, I will have a story in The Collagist in October. I am muy excited about it as the story is a favorite of mine (ain't they all... I'm not exactly going to fess up to having a shitty story published... or maybe I already have). Also have a story in the upcoming Knee-Jerk print issue. I am doing cartwheels in my brain over both of these future publications as I really-super respect the editors of both. Yaaay.

Annnd. Even so. I spent the whole drive from Louisville to Chicago, as well as the hour in traffic, fantasizing about living a different kind of life. I want what I was daydreaming. And here I am at home with chipping nail polish and a giant zit on my nose and, really, how do people figure all this shit out?


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Jason Jordan said...

You should've let me known you were gonna be in Louisville and we coulda met up for a drink. But then again, perhaps you don't know I live near Louisville.

Congrats on the forthcoming pubs!