Friday, May 07, 2010

Street Lights

I know he got a lot of shit for it, but Kanye's "808 and heartbreak" album pretty much says everything all the time.

You ever feel like you're living the wrong life in the wrong time? Yeah, me too.

The funny thing about those of who feel that way, we all feel all kinds of all alone, but if there's some source of, what's the word I want?, not empathy, comraderie(!), then we mist not be alone.

So there is this need to create something that connects and says, "I know, this shit is real for me too."

Most days, writing isn't enough. I can say everything in a story, but the situation remains the same.

What to do?
What to say?
What to write?
Another story that says, "I feel fucking lost?"
That gets the ache out, but then here we are in this same situation of feeling stuck in a world that wasn't made for us.

What makes it worse is being aware of the fact that this messy, dirty, cruel world is populated by people in far worse situations than our own and these whollyhuman feelings become even more reason to despair. Being aware of one's own egotism sucks.

So sing it, Kanye. I'm gonna listen and know that you're singing my brain in your auto-tuned voice.

Because as I know there's a poplation (populations) out there hurting more than me, you must know there's a me here, in Chicago, listening to you. And what can we do, but reach out a hand and say, "I know, shit stinks," in our own way, from our own point if view?

Life's laughing at all of us.

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