Monday, February 01, 2010

Something something something something something something something something

Sometimes my students say, "I work a lot, so I didn't get blah blah done."

I stop myself. Because I want to tell them that "working a lot" is no excuse. If they voluntarily sign up for my class, it is their fault, not mine, if they don't have time to do the work. They know all that by the way I shift my eyes to the next student.

I stop myself from speaking my own woe-is-me b.s.

I work three jobs.
Plus the whole QUICKIES! stuff.
Plus TripleQuick, which I should really devote more me to, seriously, I'm a slacker and a hypocrite.

And I have plenty of time to master MarioKart, up my typing wpm, and Google myself (if you're checking your blog/site stats and someone found you by Googling "mary hamilton"+"fiction" or some combination like was me).

And I have a "social life." In quotations because I don't know that any person who has devoted as much time as I have to upping my typing wpm can really consider themselves any kind of social butterfly.

All to say, cut the crap and do the work.

I bought my tickets to AWP today. I'm sharing a hotel room with Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, and Jac Jemc. I think we've pretty much guaranteed that we're the Destiny's child circa 1999 of AWP Denver.


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jac said...

I would like to declare this year, 2010 AD, the year of Mary Hamilton.