Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ISBN what?

I just realized that an ISBN number is in my future. Whoa, dude.

I know this blog has been a sad animal the past many months. Well, so goes the mood, so goes the blog.

This heart-raising good news came just in time, I think. For a long while, I had been feeling that my writing wasn't what others would want to read. I didn't think my stories were enough of whatever it is that is going on in writing right now. Don't ask me to define that, I don't know. But I did feel that my voice just wasn't as loud and persistent as those around me. I always sat in the back of the class.

And I felt like I wasn't reading what others were reading. I didn't talk the same. I didn't have the same drive or goals.

So I got sad and I posted a couple of sad posts on this blog. And then, whattya know?! Someone read and liked my stories and, somehow, my work stood out for a bright and shining minute. And then I saw that the announcement from Rose Metal linked to this here depressing blog. Oh, I am sorry for that.

And then, funny thing, my friend called me a few days ago and told me her mom had been reading my blog and was worried. Don't worry, friend's mom, I'm okay.

Now, it is time to call my dad and wish him Happy Birthday! Yaaaaay!!!!!


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