Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well shoot.

I have a story up at the new and shiny Knee-Jerk Magazine.

Read it Here.

I have also lately been feeling like someone else has been living my life and I'm all trapped in a tower somewhere watching the activity in a crystal ball and I'm all "what the hell are you doing?!"

I actually feel like this *all. the. time.*

I was just working on the palindrome and found that flipped around, one of the passages goes:

...wanted you. What this is?!

a ha ha ha, it's a tour thing.

Seriously though, this took an hour:

Sky big. Under it, living me. Need this. Have to. Then, I was wrong.

(flip it)

Wrong, was I then, to have this need: me, living it under big sky.

I'm gonna go watch "Law and Order" while I pummel the NY Times crossword puzzle. Yeah, I said it.


1 comment:

Jac Jemc said...

Maybe, while looking at yourself in that crystal ball, you could also ask, "How we get here?"

Wanna hang out this weekend? I'll find that crystal ball and crawl inside with you.