Friday, July 17, 2009

throwin' dirt

Just returned home from the epic tour.

It wrecked me and it rejuvenated me and it twisted my brain and it broke my heart to say goodbye.

I should be happy to be home. Was so exhausted by the end. Was full of whiskey and beer and food made by strangers.

Had leg cramps and greasy hair.

Wore the same clothes over and over and by the end felt like a block of nasty ass lard.

And already I miss it. Miss the people and being with them always.

I was nervous about that--being around people all the time.

Now I miss it.

Wish I had someone to hug every now and then, like I did for the last two weeks.

Funny faces and shoulders to lean on.

Breakdowns and good times.

And the words the words the words.

People wrote shit in the van that made me want to be rocket ship so I could jump as high as I felt about it all.

At some point, will break it down city by city.

Gonna go cry now.

Sad face.


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