Saturday, June 27, 2009

wuzza wha?!

You know how sometimes an actor from a TV show will be on a late night talk show and they'll tell the host that they themselves do not actually watch TV and the host is all "But you're on a TV show! That's your job! You're ridiculous!"

I find that, more often than not lately, I've been getting really sick of words.

My tolerance is low.

Lazy writing don't float in my boat.

If I get bored, I stop reading.

I rarely finish reading something that I've started.
But when I do finish reading whatever I am happy about it.

Before, when I just finished books or stories that bored me or that I felt I had to work through, the last page left me feeling cheated and vengeful.

That's why I don't stand for shit.

No more miss nice m.lady

From now on I'm gonna be loud about it.

I'm an asshole.


Come out to one of the shows on our reading TOUR!

Hypocrite, far right.


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