Sunday, May 17, 2009

We have one eye so we must be twins

Took the optician test this morning.

Walking into the room I felt more prepared than I have for any test ever before.

10 questions in, I found myself thinking "I have never seen this word before in my life ever...."

ahhh, balls.

I've spent a good portion of my spare time and all of my days off for the last month putting of most things so that I could study. I did save time for documentaries and for learning the chords to "Patience" on the gee-tar. A girl has to have priorities after all.

I've been pretty antsy mostly because I have some story ideas in my brain and haven't had the time/energy/brain power to write them down.

Good thing I'm doing two readings this week and need to write something S.T.A. George is John Doe T.

Other things I now am going to do with my spare time:

Learn a foreign language
Pick up my slack and do my share of the work on the BIG TOUR
Take my cats to the vet
Learn to make pie
Finish the damn palindrome
Take out the garbage
Get a library card (I know, I know)
eat chocolate chips

But first, and perhaps most importantly, I am going to do a little sway dance while I whistle along to this awesomeness:

I also think we should take a moment to share this:


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Megan said...

Motown philly -- Ah! Fan-f'in-tastic.