Monday, May 25, 2009

diva ga ga

Crazy week of craziness is over. Took the optician test. Read (a story about cruise ship performing conjoined twins) at Quickies. Read (a story about a teddy bear getting a colonic) at the Dollar Store (while wearing a turban).

Saw the great Jill Summers kick booty at the Literary Death Match.

And now, I was able to enjoy the morning and spend some serious time contacting venues in New Orleans and DC for the BIG TOUR!!!!

I hope they write back. I feel like I'm online dating.

Huge, amazing news from the land of Jac Jemc. Dzanc is going to publish her book!!!!!! (in 2012, why-oh-why do I have to wait so long for these amazing books?! They're publishing a collection of Rober Lopez's short stories in 2010, sigh).


So I was walking to work the other day, all excited for Jac, and all excited for the BIG TOUR, when I had a stupid, but bumming out thought: almost everyone I know has a book either published or about to be published. sigh.

It's not like I've never considered the idea of a book of my own. Sometimes when I'm in a bookstore, I'll go to the "H" section and find where my name would go on the shelf. But it was never the big goal. Never the final destination of my mind.

I guess I'm also feeling bleh, because people around me more and more have been talking to me like writing is a cute hobby of mine, like decopage or knitting. Fuck.

I don't know. I've sort of realized that most of my focus has always been on the individual story and just trying to get it on the page because it's in my head and I feel like it deserves to exist and if someone decides to put in in their journal, awesome. But I've never looked at these stories and said, now what are you going to do for me? Maybe I should.

What I should do is stop shitting around looking at pictures of prehistoric creatures on the internet. Maybe I should get off the couch and go to my desk and write something with the intent of making it something real. Not because I want to catch up with everyone else, but because if one more person talks to me about writing as if it is my hobby I just might jump off some bridge somewhere. Either that or I'll move to France and become a cobbler.

shut me up, i'm being stupid.



cc said...

I was just thinking about you/thinking about calling you.

Thinking about you= thinking about how you and Lindsay specifically are actual writers whereas I am a hobbyist/poseur. So take that/there's that.


Dan Wickett said...

Hey, Dzanc is publishing a Lopez novel this September - not so long to wait for that one!

m.lady said...

Bah! I want the stories! Although, I did read a excerpt from Kamby Bolongo in Willow Springs and it was real real good. Still...November 2010?! I don't even know if I'll be alive in 2010, the wait just might kill me.