Friday, April 03, 2009

Is it breaking and entering if you have a key?

About a month ago I got myself a new apartment. I really wanted this new apartment for many reasons and was willing to deal with the one month overlap between new apartment and old apartment ( = double rent).

Because I had so much time to move and the new apartment was/is literally across the street from my old apartment, I decided to move myself. Down three flights of stairs, across the street, and up three flights of stairs. My friend Jac helped me move my futon mattress and my bookshelf and my friend Zach helped me move my dresser, my futon, and my dining room table. Everything else, my sad arms moved.

Now, after a solid month of moving, I had a day to myself. A day to do whatever I wanted to do. I sent a whole mass of stories to a whole mass of journals. I got a haircut. I did laundry. I ate some cheese. I took pictures of my new apartment:

Bob likes to lounge.

I like roller skates.

Our Lady of the icky radiator.

Stuff I like.

I also remembered that I forgot my bike in the basement of my old building. Der.

Also, just for kicks, I choose to close with the video for "Alternative Girlfriend" by The Barenaked Ladies cuz I ain't afraid to say I think it's funny and very early 90s-like.

<a href="">Barenaked Ladies - Warner Bros. (1000) - Alternative Girlfriend (Video Version)</a>


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