Sunday, March 08, 2009

If I never loved I never would have cried.

I don't like the power that other people have.

They can make you feel real good and then they can turn that around and make you feel like a steaming pile of poop.

You need them to feel accepted.

You need them to feel accomplished.

You need them to feel likeable.

You need them to feel loveable.

You need them to feel balanced.

Other people can look at you sideways and make you feel like a lame-o loser.

Other people point out the flaws you have already tattooed all over your face.

It is very easy to disappoint other people.

Apologies don't mean shit unless other people accept them (apologies don't mean shit anymore anyway, it seems. Someone should let Sesame Street know that).

Other people can make you feel completely helpless.

You need other people to help you move furniture.

You need them to lean on.

They're great when the weather's nice, but when it starts to rain, most of them take off for higher ground and then you're stuck standing in an ever deepening puddle and fuck if you don't need other people to send you a lifeline.

Other people have so much power, it ain't right.

I feel like I am only okay in writing and even then, I am rejected 98% of the time.

I feel like the more you get to know me, the more you want to kick me out of the moving car and never see me again.

It would be better if my voice stopped sounding and my ears stopped hearing and it would be much better if I could move this damn couch by myself.

So, could someone please nominate either my Eclectica story, "I am so into you," or my Thieves Jargon holiday story "Me and Theodore dress up like Eskimos while we roast chestnuts on a hotplate," for a Million Writers award? I'd do it myself, but then they'd know that I nominated my own story and isn't that so sad.

Here's the story from Eclectica.

Here's the story from Thieves Jargon

Here's how to nominate.

I was going to nominate Lindsay Hunter's Hobart Story. It's amazing. But the minimum length for a Million Writers story is 1000 words and Lindsay's story is 983 words.

So I'm going to nominate her Thieves Jargon story instead. It is 1131 words.



Lindsay said...

you trippin!! i shall do your bidding. heart.

Megan said...

oh, no! i'm nominating you right this minute. also, you need no nomination for my love.