Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miss America Pageant. You got it wrong again.

While watching tonight's broadcast of the Miss America Pageant, I wrote some observations, I put them on Twitter, but I thought I'd put them here too, with pictures!.

What? Are you surprised that I watched the Miss America Pageant? Well, then, you crazy. I've watched almost every year since I was 4. It gives me inspiration for my writing and story telling. That and laughter is good for the soul.

Now, sit back, relax, and try to follow along:

  • watching miss America

it ain't what it used to be

  • they all got their jeans at LLBean
  • It's Miss Hawaii's to lose
  • Miss California is the poor man's Posh (bankrupt). Damn, I'm mean when I'm hungry
  • Nevermind, Miss Georgia has this shit in the bag
  • who let Miss Iowa in?
  • Go home, Miss Florida. You. Are. A. Robot.

  • Gretchen Carlson used to be my hero. Now she's an anchor on Fox news. No more heroes.
  • I am so good it's sick. Hawaii and Georgia both made the cut.

Evening Gown!!!!
  • fall fall fall fall fall
  • oh dip, Miss Hawaii has a niiiiiice dress, er evening gown.
  • Miss Georgia is channeling Jessica Rabbit and maybe she's a man.
  • that was mean, I'm sorry, she seems nice
  • Miss Indiana = nononononononononono

Talent Competition!!!
  • Dear Miss District of Columbia, Ummmmmm. Sincerely, m.lady
  • Georgia. Nailed it.
  • yeah, good luck following that
  • barf
  • oh. my. god. Hawaii is going to hula (she actually did a traditional Tahitian dance)
  • it's neck and neck between Hawaii and Georgia, everyone else should just go home
  • Hawaii for the win, you can't beat this
  • yeah, just give her the crown
  • jeezus! Six more talents! Garfuflt, more singing
  • my ears, they are bleeding
  • again. Florida=robot.
  • finally! tap dancing!
This pic isn't from this year, but there's no way you would know that if I hadn't told you.

  • Miss Michigan appears to be wearing an outfit made out of post-it notes (we invented post-its)

Question Round!
  • softball question
  • Georgia, don't fail me
  • good answer
  • fail
  • Big Brother answer, Indiana
  • Iowa?!
  • good answer. bad makeup.
  • shut. up.
  • Hawaii didn't make it?! Rigged! Rigged!
  • Florida is a robot.
  • It's all on you now, Georgia.
  • I still can't believe Miss Hawaii didn't make it

Who's gonna win?!
  • 7th place – Florida
  • 6th place - New York
  • 5th place – Iowa
  • (Georgia changed gowns!)
  • 1st runner up - Georgia. Man! I was so close!
  • Of the three finalists, I hope no one wins.
best. winner. ever. (Ericka Dunlap)

  • I call California.
  • Miss America is......Indiana?!


Jac said...

i love Miss America but manage to miss it every year. Thank you for catching me up.

Jennifer said...

i like your romie and michelle's high school reunion reference.