Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho ho humph

I took the train home from Minnesota today. Damn, I love the train. I realized that it's because, when you ride the train (the way I ride the train--in my own private room), you can close yourself away and just be this anonymous being. You're not in any one place and you aren't in a hurry so time just slows down and all of the outside world is behind and in front of you and you get to just ride in the happy little cocoon. Plus, the view is awesome.

They even gave us mini bottles of champagne (really, sparkling wine)!

So, imagine my joy when I got home to find a fuse had blown and the contents of my refrigerator had thawed. My freezer = puddle.

Merry Christmas!!!

Guess what, I have a holiday story up at Thieves Jargon.
Read it now.



Jac said...

1) You know I love that story, but I got to read it for myself and found it a very enjoyable experience.

2) I love train rides, too.

3)I love that anti-flirt picture above. I. Love. It.

4) I love lots of things today, apparently.

5) Want to hang out soon? What are you doing Thursday or Friday night? Call me! (I'm making that phone-hand sign)

Lindsay said...

Hell yeah!! I love that Gordon story and I'm glad we're Thieves Jargon sisters now!

I miss ye. Let us partake in some kind of alcoholic beverage, preferably soon.

Jennifer said...

i want to be part of the anti-flirt club. i wonder what the club activities were.