Monday, November 17, 2008

you take the good you take the bad

The election bliss having worn away, I'm left to sit at my dining room table to worry over my finances.

So I called Comcast to do the cutting away of all that extra flesh.

Yup, I called to cancel cable.

No more Forensic Files
No more Cold Case Files
No more Monk or Psych
So long Top Chef!
Farewell Anderson Cooper, you silver fox, you
E! countdowns and the Soup

But, truth be told, it was time. I was becoming too reliant on my new couch and the ease in which I could become a potato.

So I called Comcast, ready to cancel.

But I am weak.
And when the operator told me she could swing me a deal to keep my cable for only 10 dollars more than I would pay for just Internet....well....

Hello Forensic Files!
Hello Cold Case Files!
Hello Mad Men!
Hello What Not to Wear!
Hello Law and Order-any time of day!
Hello Rachel Maddow!
Hello Kieth Olbermann!
Hello Jon Stewart!
What's up Chelsea Handler!
Hey there late night re-run of Meet the Press!



Jac said...

that's funny - i just made a post asking if anyone wanted to pay for me to get cable. i want it bad.

Nick said...

I really believe that Monk and Psych need to be a service provided by our government. Living without them seems like a human rights violation to me. Quickly: let's all write our congressman...