Monday, September 22, 2008

red rover red rover send m.lady on over

I've been gone a while. I know.

Truth is I've been a little bit sad. A lot unable to get up and go. It's much easier to sit on the couch and zone out and not think about all that I'm not doing.

I'm just in one of those phases where it seems everyone else's life is moving and changing and they're developing and I'm set to pause, a skipping record, an iceman.

So today was the first day of fall. I had the day off and I told myself I would check out a nearby coffee shop. Test it to see if it would be suitable for sitting and writing for long periods of time.

It also happened to be the pre-determined day for a "Day in the Life" photo project that I take part in on flickr.

Sometimes, it's hard to leave the house because there are so many PEOPLE everywhere. Once I had calmed down it was a lovely day. I walked along Milwaukee Avenue with my camera at my hip, blindly taking pictures.

Here's a whole ton o' photos:



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