Friday, August 08, 2008

Would you be my American boy?

In case you missed it (slackers)

I read this at the CUTE!!! Rec Room reading:

Did it hurt, when you fell from heaven?

Mind if I sit here? Is this seat taken? Don't I know you from somewhere? My goodness, you sure are.....uh, cute? You know you're like a kitten with crooked ears, you're like a unicorn foal, a bunny toy with one eye. You're a basket full of kittens, a baby in a pea pod, you're a puppy wearing snow boots.

Tell you what, let's go somewhere where we can giggle and snuggle in private. Wanna come on over to my Barbie Dream House? You're not allergic to bears are you? I just adopted 14 baby Koala's and, I hope you don't mind, but I need to stop by Tootie's garden store on the way, gotta pick up some chocolate frosting bamboo.

Did anyone ever tell you that your eyes look like snickerdoodles in a lake of marshmallow fluff? Oh, you're so pretty, like a field of poppies in a sunshine bathtub. I just want to snuggle cuddle you. Oh, did I go to far? I'm sorry, I went too far. Stepped over the candy cane line. I always do that when I really like a teddy bear.

Let's start slow huh? Take it easy like a dream on a pillow of stars and dreams and moonshine. No, not that kind of moonshine, the glitter and crayon kind of moonshine. We can go to the movies, only we'll pretend we're French and say stuff like "ooh, let's go to the cinema and eat croissants and smoke cigarettes and say the poetry and dress all in black. Mon dieu! Bonjour! soc le blu!"

Hey hey and eventually we can get good and sweet on each other. Sweet like cinnamon rolls. Sweet like Joey Lawrence. Whoa! We can get married. We can honeymoon on gumdrop lane and bon bon our way to ticklish sunflower island. We can tiddlywink in the blue water of the hopscotch ocean. We can skippity doo dah down lemon custard road until we get to the strawberry shortcake castle and there, my sugar plum snuggle puff is where we can be confetti dreamers and make a thousand baby hamsters.

Oh, I went too far, I'm sorry. Oh, too, too far, so sorry, I always do that when I fall for a cartwheeling panda bear in a top hat.

Tell you what, let's take it slow. I'll Charles in Charge you a chocolate milkshake, my little pony. And if you want, you can tap dance the Skittles rainbow out of here, or you can stay, and we can talk about the finer points of pinwheels and interior decorating with lilypads made of sugar cubes and sunflowers.

So what do you say? Let's dream a cloud or two. Let's hook up like siamese twin puggle puppies.

Oh, I'm sorry, I went too far. I always do that when I fall for a New Kid on the Block.


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Lindsay said...

this shit is the shit. so good. i want to knight it and call it sir.