Sunday, August 17, 2008

20 Shocking Unsolved m.ladys

So I've re-arranged my apartment (which, I think, is about 400 sq feet) and now I have a couch! So now I can be a real couch potato!

And, as I don't procrastinate, I am sitting on my *new/old couch* watching E! and "20 Shocking Unsolved Crimes" / "My Shocking Story" on TLC / "The Olympics" while eating too much guacamole (wait, is there such a thing?!).

How then, you wonder, do I manage to get any writing done?

Them's the benefits of ADD, ya slackers.

Anyswezz, I have a new little story and an Interview (!) up at the kind Nick Ostdick's blog.

Check it out

la la la


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