Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rock Rock

I had a lovely weekend at the wedding of Ted and Caroline. I managed to get through the whole weekend without a picture of the wedded ones together so here is a picture of a frog that we rescued during the reception:

It was a really lovely and fun reception. There were only about 80 guests and the wedding and reception were outside. Lovely lovely lovely. I think Ted and Caroline are great. I'm glad I know them. I'm lucky that I know them. I hope I always know them.

So the weekend was great. I went to Louisville to visit a good friend and met her tumor cat:

Then I went to Indiana for the wedding, lovely.

On my way home on Sunday, I stopped at several flea markets, most were really nice, I could just wander about through the booths. I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and a man who was at least 6'9" 400 lbs got all excited about comparing tattoos. I went to one flea market that made me decidedly uncomfortable due to the sheer number of Confederate flags. But it was funny, at that flea market, I met the nicest old guy. He was immediately kind and helpful and it made me feel not so scared for my life. I ended up buying a bread box to hide my mail and an old make-up case to put knick-knacks in. (in which to put knick-knacks?)

Lovely lovely.

On Monday, I was pooped on by a bird:

On Tuesday, I got three fillings and somehow managed to plan what may be the greatest. reading. ever. (February 12, 2009 Innertown Pub Chicago)

And, big news, I'm thinking of cutting my hair wicked short. It's one of those impulses that I want to satisfy NOW, but because I don't have any time off until next week, the haircut is scheduled for Tuesday. I put a poll over there on the right for you, dear readers to help me decide. Could I rock it? Or would I cry forever?

Got a slew of rejections today. Two were really nice, just said that they'd read the story several times and, in the end, decided it wasn't quite right. One was lame (Smokelong, get a new standard rejection letter) and one was curious and kind.

The editor told me that my story warranted deeper discussion, he made a few suggestions, delicately, so I would know that he wasn't trying to re-write the story. But he said that if I would consider the changes, he would consider the story. The changes were pretty dramatic-to me. So I said thanks, but no thanks. I don't want to be one of those writers who has to explain all of the meaning in her stories. But I really wanted to. Instead, I made note of the fact that this editor, although he didn't love the story as it was, took the time to write a really thought out critique and that I appreciate.

Now, if only someone would send me a kind acceptance letter...


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