Monday, July 07, 2008

The Quoteable Susan B. Hamilton

I was home for the weekend to attend a friend's wedding. (It's wild when you realize that you've been friends with someone for more than half your life.)

There are a couple of fantastic things about going home, wait, three fantastic things about going home:

1) Mom's cooking
2) Looking at my parents and realizing that I have some awesome genes
3) Mom's quotes

Yes, my mom is often unintentionally hilarious. She speaks her mind. Always.

Some highlights:

"You get that from your father, I get swearing from my dad... I've been saying shit more. I've even got your father saying it now."

"Mary was an old egg and she turned out fine."

"I don't know why everything needs a sex scene. I was reading a book and right in the middle there are two pages of sex! I mean, maybe that would have been interesting when I was in high school, but now I just want them to get on with the plot of the book!"


My mom, she's the best. She also was going to give he her photo album from her college days (early 60s) but, alas, I forgot to bring it back with me. shit.


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Anonymous said...

So the week after you visited, our main drain backed up. On a Sunday. We called the plumber a 7 footer if he was an inch, and were told after a quick glance, that on this side of $2500 there was nothing he could do. Called three more plumbers Monday. On pushed a camera down the drain and said that $8500 would fix the problem. Roots in the line. Other tried me on for 10 Gs and one even suggest 30! So it is funny that Mom has been saying "shit" lately. Me too.