Monday, July 28, 2008

Lovely, just lovely

Can I just tell you, I have had the most lovely day today!

I would like to make a list of lovely:

1) I got to sleep in
2) I watched Oprah and cried
3) I found this (thank you fourfour Rich!):

4) I wore a pretty dress
5) I worked outside all day (not too hot, actually, a nice breeze was in the park today)
6) when I got to work, I found out that **Bill Callahan** was giving a concert at the Pritzker Pavillion, which I could hear perfectly
7) My one and only duty at work for the day was to work on a puzzle
8) During my lunch break, I took the puzzle to the lawn and had a lovely shaded lunch time
9) The Minnesota Twins are playing the White Sox, so the game is on TV and I can watch it
10) The Twins are winning
11) I just took mom's squash pie out of the freezer and can now smell the tasty deliciousness as it is heating up in the oven

It's nice to have such a lovely day as I am not looking forward to work the next few days. I had quite an unpleasant experience facilitating my exit. I am soooo looking forward to going back to Eye Spy and would just like to put all of the bad vibes of the last 10 months behind me. Three more days, I can do it! Yes I can!

Anyway, it's like a special kind of sunshine was on me today and I am quite happy about it.

I am now going to work on a sweater that I'm knitting. It has snowflakes and flowers and birds.


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Jac said...

I'm glad to hear you had a lovely day and I want to know if your hairs are cut. Please update me. Thanks.