Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, yeah, you blend

It is often said that when Marisa Tomei won her Oscar for "My Cousin Vinny," it was some kind of fluke. Rumor has it, that the wrong name was either read or written on the envelope. Why such doubt? I'd like to know. I think it's because it was a comedic role, something lighthearted, and maybe people thought that something that brought the audience joy was an easier task and not deserving of Academy gold.

Rubbish! I say. If you have seen "My Cousin Vinny," you know, that Marisa Tomei knocked it out of the park.

But what is important is what she has done in the 16 years since her win.

She has steadily been working since her win, (highlights include "The Paper" and "In the Bedroom") never really trying to defend her win. It seems, when watching her work, that she is an actress because she loves to act.

Now, I'm not saying all of her choices have been golden, but they have been her choices. They have been roles that seem to either challenge or entertain her in new ways. This is a woman who has been actively working as an actress for over twenty years, never seeming to compromise. Always appearing on screen with a glimmer in her eye.

So why am I talking about Marisa Tomei? Think about it. She didn't let that early (major major major) success burn her (out). She remembered that behind her work was joy. So as a writer, it is something to remember, that although I may never reach the height of fame or success that Ms. Tomei has achieved. I can find my own happiness through my chosen craft.

By finding her joy through small movies as well as studio pictures, Tomei has allowed herself to flex her acting muscles. To take small risks and to find new stories to tell.

All the while, through an Oscar win, a Seinfeld guest-spot, and a second Academy Award nomination, she has somehow managed to fly under the radar, just doing something that she loves.

So maybe I'll never be as successful as Marisa Tomei.

And maybe I'll never win a big fancy award.

But when I finish a story that I love, before I've submitted it to the editors who will then have the power to accept or deny my words, before that, when the story is new and fresh on my computer, I have been know to throw my hands in the air and do a little dance for my own success. Even though I don't get paid for it, every day I do what I love.

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