Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey, nobody's perfect

A while back, my brother gave me his keyboard. He wasn't using it and my guitar is broken, so he gave it to me so I can practice my musicality.

I finally pulled it out from under my bed last week. See, I've been going through some stuff lately and rather than drink my pain away, I've decided to turn to the keyboard to practice and practice to forget everything else in my head.

So I've been doing the keyboard thing for about a week now, and it makes me really happy. It reminds me of when I was a kid randomly pounding the keys of my parents' upright in our living room. Gradually learning notes and their relation to the keys. I played the drunken sailor song and my dad danced a jig in the hall. I remember the feeling from the music. I remember feeling the sadness in sections and the victory and accomplishments of other sections. I remember saying "oops" every time I missed a note (still do, you just can't hear it on the video).

Well, I quit piano lessons when I was about 12, but I didn't stop trying to teach myself songs using "classics made easy" books.

So, in a little thanks to my brother, I made a video to show that I appreciate the gift. Sure, I mess up a few times, but, I don't think I ever had a recital in my youth when I didn't mess up, so, yeah.

Here it is (I've never uploaded a video here before, fingers crossed).

m.lady's piano recital (it's a keyboard, so there's a backing track, but I promise, I'm playing notes):

Also, check out my brother's YouTube page where you can watch him paint.


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Jac said...

This video makes me really happy.