Friday, June 27, 2008

Faith in the system

Yesterday I went to the DMV and received my new Illinois driver's license!


As I was waiting in line to take the written test (which I was *freaked out* over, I don't remember the last time I took a test), the man in front of me negotiated a chance to take his test over. Then, as I was taking the test, said man was reprimanded from behind the counter by the DMV employees thusly: "SIR SIR, NO CHEATING." and they made him move to a desk away from everyone else. Then, as I was sweating, nervous, waiting in line to turn in my test and find out if I passed, the man was in front of me, at the counter, getting his test checked. He got the maximum number of questions wrong to still pass. Yes he did. Yes he did.

Well, I passed the test and got my shiny new license.

But then.

This morning.

I noticed.

My middle name.


(Now, have been known to misspell my own name once or twice, but when you get your license in Chicago, you don't actually fill out any paperwork, the DMV employees enter everything in the computer themselves, so it wasn't my fault!)


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