Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it will be awesome

Last night was the inaugural reading for Quickies! a new reading series that I have co-founded and then co-hosted with the Lovely and incredilby talented Lindsay Hunter.

The crowd was awesome, a really good size actually! And the readers were all Kick Ass!

Find out more about Quickies! Here.

Last night, I read this:

The Further Adventures of Me and Theodore Huxtable

And when this city gets too old for us. Too dirty and dark and cold for us, we'll hop in my red Ford Escort hatchback and drive. We'll drive in circles around the edges of this town, moving farther and farther out while we give names to the shapes that trees make up against a sapphire sky. We'll name the moon as it falls under the horizon and bounces back up again. Our circles will get bigger and broader and we'll drive over forests and lakes, until this red Ford Escort hatchback batters itself over tundra and desert on the same trip around.

We'll drink Big Gulps and eat so many Pringles that our sides will hurt and we'll groan and whine and stick our heads out the windows like spoiled, yet charming and adorable dogs, our tongues waving in the wind, saliva splattering the sides of the car. We'll listen to a mix tape that I made special for this road trip. We'll count the miles on the speedometer, doing a cheer every time the number clicks to some thousand until our circles will get so big, we're out of miles and we'll find ourselves orbiting the planet like our own little rusty and dented satellite of love. Our circles will keep getting bigger and we'll break the bounds of gravity that kept us revolving around our boring and stagnant home.

And then, my red Ford Escort hatchback will shoot straight out and we will go over the moon and into Outer Space where there is no dark. Instead of being surrounded by night, the way the pictures in "National Geographic" make it feel, we will be surrounded by light. By various versions of exploding light and light dust and light rain and broken light debris scattered all over the place. And Outer Space isn't cold, like you'd think. There is a warmth that tickles your skin all over. It's like being on the beach all the time. Only instead of being tanned by one sun, we'll get all cozy and cocooned in the warmth of millions of stars. And you wouldn't know this unless you've been there, but Space smells like fresh-baked cookies and there's this constant song that plays, like a flute or a bird, always singing. We'll turn my Ford Escort hatchback and try to find the source of the sound. And along the way, we'll stop at planets of various sizes to take a leak and take in the view. And we'll write our names in the cosmic dirt so the whole universe will know we were there.

We'll drive that Ford Escort hatchback out and out, farther and farther out. And we'll gather the stars in the palms of our hands like crystal white sand. Like the sand in Greece. Is that the place? I've never been, but I hear the sand is white and the water is clear, so clear you can see all the way to the bottom of the sea like your looking through liquid glass. And we'll hold those grain sized stars in our hands and while we sift them through our fingers, we'll look all the way through the universe, clean and crystal clear, and we'll see some billion years in the future when the moon, our moon, our favorite bedtime story moon, that moon finally breaks it's orbit around the Earth and shoots around the galaxy like it's a pinball machine gone out of control and we'll be there to see it all and it will be awesome.


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