Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh god, not knowing is worse

Have you ever been asked that question, would you rather know that something bad is happening in your life (this is usually asked in regards to a significant other cheating, but that's not what I'm discussing here) or would you rather not know?

Not knowing is worse!

What I'm discussing here is that I have a bazillion stories out in the submission abyss and I have this weird paranoia that they just deleted my email instead of responding.

I'm not one of those optimists who thinks, "oh, they like it soo much, that's why it's taking longer than usual to get a response" no, I'm one of those pessimists who thinks "they hate me so much, they don't even want to deal with me."

not knowing = stinky.


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Lindsay said...

Having worked for a lit mag before, I can tell you the turnaround time for what you want to publish vs. what you don't want to publish is exactly the same.

And there's NO way they hate your work. If they do, why waste your time anyway? If I had a mag it would be called "Only M. Lady's Stuff (With a Sprinkling of Patrick Leonard)."