Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am turning into my mother

Three of the things genetics gave me from my mom:
1) my nose
2) tiny ear canals
3) a tendency to cry while watching *anything* on tv.

My mom often cries during Oprah... actually, think she always cries during Oprah.

but you know what?

so do I
it could be a show about carrots and I'd be all kinds of "pass the Kleenex"

But not only did I cry during Oprah's reunion of the Cosby kids yesterday (Theo is lookin' HOT).

(doesn't he *totally* look like that sensitive guy in your college Sociology class? swoon)

You see, and I a little afraid to admit this (but here goes), I also cried when Uno won the Westminster Dog Show.

Yes, I cried during the dog show.

I fawned over the dogs for two hours and I *may* have attempted (more than once) to actually reach into my tv set to cuddle the Toy group.

Here is a clip of Uno hangin' w/ Martha Stewart.

(I know the band changed their name, but I don't care, their my faves and will always be "Say Hi To You Mom" in my heart)


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