Saturday, January 26, 2008

"the open wing is very similar to an outspread human hand"

A while back, I wrote a story called "Your friends are all plotting your destruction." and the first line was "There is a tree in your front yard and it is filled with bats."

I like the story, most people don't understand how the title relates to the story. That makes me go "ackgrumblekerfarkugh." Anyway, the story is in the submission abyss right now, but if it gets rejected, I'll post it here and then you can let me know if it's so disturbing that the title doesn't directly relate to bats or trees or the whatnot.

I hate lazy readers (though I admit, I am a lazy reader....and apparently a hipocrit.)

So anyway, point being, I was at work and we received this piece from the fall printmaking class:

If the story was ever a book, this would be the cover. No doubt.


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