Friday, January 18, 2008

oh, hello there

more adventures in ear infections, I went to my doctor this week about some pain in my ear. Turns out I have a 2=part issue:

part 1: the muscles in my neck and jaw were tense for about three weeks due to my latest ear infection, blahty blahty blah, even though the infection's gone, the muscles are still tense and sore from being tense and sore, vicious cycle.

part 2: the cool part. There was some "debris" in my ear, so the doctor had to use an air hose to suck it out! gross, I know. I was very scared that it would be all kinds of ancient Egypt and my brain would turn to mush and I'd be dead. But I am not dead. I am right here.

so I was chatting w/ a friend from school last night, and he informed me that in mid-December, he sent out 50 stories to various journals. I have a total of 5 stories. 25-30 of those are at a level that I would consider good enough to actually submit without too much editing and 24-25 of those are actually in the submission abyss right now. 50 stories out at once? crappers, I feel I have fallen far behind on my life goals.

I try to console myself (why is everyone else so prolific? what's wrong with taking 6 months to write a 3 page story?!) by reminding my writerly self that I am working on the Palindrome, which will probably take another 3 years to finish (my goal is chapbook) and will be awesome.

I also have put quite a bit of pressure on myself to get all of my stories arranged and edited and book-ready.

I had an idea for a novel a while back. But I hate novels, so maybe I'll just call in a storrrrrrry. ha.

I like the feeling of knowing that I have many stories out there in submission, I do not like getting rejections.

Oh, and you know what I really don't like? When a journal contacts me directly, asking me to send a story and then they don't respond for 6 months, so I send an email to say "hey, what up? do you want that story? b/c I'll send it elsewhere, no biggie, just wondering" and then they don't respond for 2 more months and, when they do finally respond, it's a generic form letter of rejection.

I don't mind being rejected, okay, i do, but I don't usually blame the journal. I don't even mind being rejected by someone who asked me to submit. What I do mind is that twisted around bull crap and being treated like turd. that journal stinks anway. stinks like poo. horse poo. poo poo poo

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