Wednesday, December 05, 2007

so let's say I'm a unicorn and you're Noah, would you leave me behind too?

Apparently, the reason there are no unicorns around today is because they were off frolicking when the rain began to fall that caused the flood for which Noah built his ark. Anyway, they were so busy playing and being joyful, mystical creatures that they "missed the boat."

Why am I telling a story about unicorns?

Because I think it's supposed to be a story with moral along the lines of: don't goof around or you'll die.

But shouldn't the moral be: live happy 'cause you'll die anyway.


I've spent much of the week in the gallery working on installation. One of the pieces I've helped with was a group project, the title is: "??;?:'?..." I hope they can read that well enough to understand that it's the title of the work and put it on the little title card on the wall.

It's weird, because I feel like I've spent so much time there and then I'm like, "Didn't do much, just drew some pictures and lines."

This is what one of the projects that I worked on looks like:

The show looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. There will be a Peace Salon (barbershop) a lot of cool video stuff, a puppet vaudeville show, posters, audio, a quiet repose for reading, and more and more! Awesomeness WILL abound! If you're not busy for the next month, you should stop by the g2 Gallery in Chicago. (details: g2 Gallery, 847 W Jackson, Chicago. Opening Reception December 7 from 5-8, reading December 8 at 7:30pm, show runs through January 12, 2008)

I can see why people starve and live in poverty to be artists, there's a major rush to putting the work together. For a writer, it's not quite the same. There's no final "I'm going to work my ass off and then rejoice once it's all hung up" For a writer, it's pretty much a constant, "Why doesn't anyone LIKE ME?!"

I work too much (40-45 hours a week), but what can I do? I like my cable tv, deli sandwiches, and pretty dresses. Someone asked me today how I can manage to be in grad school, work full time, and be at the gallery working on crap. I told her my secret was that I drink a lot and am very very organized.

Back to the unicorns. I don't just love unicorns because they're cute and isn't it funny to love unicorns? I love them because that unicorn/ark story tells me to have fun because you never know when God will smite you. (And yes, I am talking about writing. This was just an excuse to talk about unicorns and it is my way of saying "I am going to write whatever I want to write and one day, I just might drown because I was so busy frolicking a field, but that's okay.")

PS: I got a really strange comment in a critique this week. I was told that my writing was too pretty to be a narrative story...


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Lindsay said...

I hate those kinds of comments...why CAN'T something narrative be pretty? Why can't prose have the hallmarks of poetry, but still tell a story? Aren't we in this progressive school because questions like that have been cast aside?

I hope you consider that person's comment a compliment. Your word choices are fab and your stories blow me away.