Wednesday, December 26, 2007

m.lady does not recommend flying in an airplane while suffering from yet another ear infection

I have had a few different kinds of medicine in my system for the past few days. Two were actually prescribed, the rest, eh, the rest I found in my medicine cabinet and because this is my fourth ear infection in as many months, I decided that I deserve not to feel my face for a while.

I am getting to that point (perfectly timed for immediate post-graduation) when I feel like all of my stories are crap. I used to read them over and say to myself, "high five, m.lady!" Now I look at them and think they feel like a fourteen year old with a fondness for imaginary nostalgia wrote them. This hinders my desire to submit them to any journals. Thus hindering my future fame and fortune.

I have no plans for New Year's Eve. I am worried that I will be smash-ass drunk in my apartment with Bob and a bucket of ice cream.... again.

I hate New Years.

Today, while I was at my special ear doctor, he bit the end of his pen and said "hmmmm...." Hindering my faith in his ability to heal me.

Today is actually the first day in several days that I haven't pumped my body full of prescription medications (the last pill was taken at 3am when I woke up going "OWWW"). I stopped the drugs because I think I would feel better if I drank a lot of beer tonight. Ear drops, though, now ear drops are something I have become quite the consumer of.

I have two notebooks to help me keep track of my fiction submissions. One is for individual stories sent to online journals. The second is for packets of stories to be sent to print journals. I give each story 10 shots at publication, then I give up (I haven't reached that point yet, although one story is close). These notebooks depress me.

I am thinking about starting a new online journal called "Why don't you LIKE ME?!" and only posting stories/poems/whatever that have been rejected at least 10 times.


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