Saturday, December 15, 2007

cc says I should elaborate

cc told me that I don't tell enough, or that I don't tell details

no, what she told me was that my last post confused her

no, not confused, but when I told her what the barbed wire picture was about she was all "oh, you should elaborate" (that's probably not verbatim there, but you get my drift)

so let's revisit:

I work in a gallery in the heart of downtown Chicago. Spitting distance from Millennium Park. My "trial period" at my job is over and now I'm going to be officially staffed with a bigger organization, so I had to go to their main office to get all of my forms handed in to prove that I am me and that I don't have TB.

But their main office is not downtown.

Their main office is west of downtown by about 2 miles. So I took the green line to a western way stop and then walked half a mile to the office. Getting off the train the horizon is factory facades and tall fences. Brick buildings not much used anymore and trees all bare for winter. On my walk I passed two lots filled with scrap metal (I think? because they were) surrounded by fences with razor wire. I also passed a pork processing plant and a sausage factory.

It's a strange neighborhood. Obviously a piece of Chicago with a definite identity, but that identity is slowly being shaved away. Not only is the main office for my employment a strange addition (a happy, new, bright building tucked behind mid-construction parking ramps and sausage factories) but there are a couple of interior design material warehouses with fancy signs and pretty windows and an audio mixing studio as well as a couple of other specific-need type places. Young businesses seem to be finding cheap rent and gussying up the building facades. It's not a neighborhood that will become a stroll down the street and stop into a shop type of place, but I think it's well on it's way to becoming a destination for those looking to find luxury goods but want to feel like they're getting a "find."

The best part of the walk was when I passed by a mid-construction parking ramp and the melting ice and snow from the top level was spilling over the edge and bumping into the other levels on it's way to the ground. I could hear the waterfall sound from the end of the block and as I got closer to the mid-construction parking ramp, I found my skin tingling, that a sound that normally reminds me of forest and nature and sitting on a large rock to watch water fall, was coming from this place. This industrial lost and found place on the west side of Chicago.


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