Monday, October 22, 2007

I thought of it first!......I think...

I started writing a new story today and was all excited by the premise. And then a little sneaky feeling crept in that it wasn't an original idea. I've looked around on the internets and haven't found anything similar, so I think I'm safe to pursue the story as I think it will be a) awesome and b) longer than 4 pages.

In other news... I'm sick of Chicago and I wanna get out! Any suggestions? I've been thinking about Portland (Maine) or somewhere in Alaska. A nice, mid-sized city. Portland is the front runner thus-far. The only thing holding be back is lack of job prospects/I don't know anyone in Portland and I'm not very good at making new friends so it would be scary to just up and move.

But I'm getting really really sick of Chicago and its bigness.

oh, and I'm also real real excited that the Red Sox are in the World Series.



Lindsay said...

Portland (Maine) is AWESOME. I would move there in a heartbeat.

cc said...

Um. I say you stay put and see me more often. I won't be mean.