Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I guess I'll just have to find new ways to be snazzy

So, dear reader (Joanna), as you know I very much enjoy clothing.

But the other day I learned about this:

After reading this, I decided to join the boycott and not shop at H&M until they apologize.

Seriously, I love me some clothes, I hate me some blatant racism.

Today I wore this outfit, half made out of H&M clothing.

And I really liked this outfit. For me, my personal style makes me walk a little taller, gives me a little strut in my step.

But, you know, I can find snazzy clothes elsewhere.

Gradually, I am becoming more and more concerned about where my clothing/food comes from. I fully support equal labor practices, but because I am, at this point in my life anyway, not the type of person who can get up stand up and fight for rights, all I can do for now, is act on an individual basis.

I know that being a vegetarian won't save all of the world's animals. And I know that not shopping at H&M won't change the world. But we all need to start one day at a time, right? and one day, maybe I will change the world.


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