Friday, September 14, 2007

oh, don't worry, she does that all the time

I had the strangest dream last night and I tried to remember the details, but, the day went on without me realizing it and here I am unable to remember the details.

What I do remember:

Basically, I was in a big, old lodge and instead of regular hotel rooms, each room was a store and I worked at a sandwich shop and down the hall was some other business and the guy who ran that business was in some kind of trouble, but I helped him out and it turns out he was a nice guy and he gave me 20 dollars to buy a 4 dollar pen and when I gave him the change I accidentally gave him one of my 20 dollar bills so now he owes me 20 dollars.

And, also, at some point this crazy feral zombie/woman was roaming the lodge. She emerged from a little room under the stairs and started eating rats and even though she was pretty scary, I said to the guy, "Oh, don't worry, she does that all the time."

The strange part is, I think I've dreamt about that feral zombie/woman before and maybe that's why I recognized her?

When I woke up, I wasn't scared. (I hate waking up from a real scary dream. I think I have at least one nightmare a month, which is too much, if you ask me.)

In other news, I'm bored with the self-portrait round up, if you wanna see the pics, click the link over there on the right. I acknowledge that the whole project seems pretty narcissistic, but it's also quite creatively challenging. I mean, c'mon, how many ways can one do a self-portrait?!

Having said that, I took this pic today and it was really cool how the light turned out. I was in the bathroom of a local coffee shop:

I call it, "day 61 - Saint m.lady?"

Note the question mark.

God, I love the Zombies, so very much.

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