Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lighten up, it's just fashion!

New York's fashion week just ended.

I have decided to do a little review/wrap-up.

If you want to see the dresses/looks that made me throw up a little (in a good way), click on Danielle's (Dani, whatever) photo. Top Model, wuzza wut?!

Ah, so there is life after the CW.

A disclaimer:

Onto the critiques!
(In the form of letters to the designers. Lettes that I could fit on a post-it note and stick to their bathroom mirror so they'd get the note in the morning while they were brushing their teeth.)

Dear Carolina Herrera,

Thank you for creating this dress:


Dear Alexander Wang,

Um, what were your casting directors thinking?

I'm scared.

Dear Philip Lim,

My good sir, what did this lovely lady do to deserve this?

Normally, you are so kind to the ladies. Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick, there is nothing good about that.


Dear Stephen Burrows,



Dear Alexa Adams and Flora Gill,

Thank you...

...for boring me (and your models) to death.

oh, and, honestly? It looks like her parent's wouldn't pull over to a rest stop and she wet herself real bad.


PS: what's up with all the beige this season?!

Dear Tracy Reese,

Did you invade my brain?

It's like a wonderland of pretty...

and though I oppose the hat:

The back is genius:

Swoon McLove, you're awesome,

Hey kids! Time for a little fashion week math, get out your pencils and calculators!




I kid. I kid.

Dear Anna Sui,

I hope you don't mind my little joke up there. You know I love you so.

Like, this ensemble, if I wore this, I would feel like a comic book super-hero:

And this would be the dress that I would wear to the Governor's ball where I would seduce a local millionaire:

And this would be my nemesis:



Dear Brian Reyes,

You created this dress:

which triggered me to say "pretty" out loud while sitting by myself in a coffee shop.....

However, you also created these:

Someone, help! The Jackets have eaten their arms!

(psst, honey, I think your diaper's showing):


Why, Brian, why?


Dear L'Wren Scott,

I love you.

So very much, do I love thee.


To the model wearing this Malandrino dress,

Those sleeves make me sad too.


Dear Marc Jacobs,

You know I love you very very much and this year's "Marc by Marc Jacobs" collection was lovely lovely lovely, but, I think, maybe, we need to take a little break.

It's not me, it's you.


Dear Oscar de la Renta,

I Do!


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