Monday, September 17, 2007

If I was an ipod ad.....

This is what I do when I have waaaaaaay too much time on my hands:

  • I draw robots.
  • I indulge in bad habits.
  • I blog.
  • I watch "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" (and she is so amazing. I think my dream would be a Kimora/Victoria Beckham reality show marathon.)
  • I try to get Bob to jump really really high.
  • I send lots and lots of emails and I pretend that I'm actually sitting on a porch drinking a bottle of whine (ha ha ) with my friends.
  • I stare at the same sentence for three hours and try to figure out what to write next. (The devil made my heart and ever since the day I was born, he's been trying to get it back....)
  • And I figure out what I would look like as an ipod ad (plus I've been inhaling Feist's new album like it's oxygen and her new song is in the new ipod ad so it all goes together, you see)

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