Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blueberries make my world go 'round

I rarely get a Saturday off of work. Now that I am in-between jobs (I'm not just saying that, I start a new job October 1), I have had two (TWO!) Saturdays off in a row.

Because I am me and possibly one of the laziest people I know, I spent last Saturday staring out the window.

Ah, but not today (well, until now).

I tagged along with my friend, Ira, to the Green City Farmer's Market.

As we were driving to and from the market, I was able to see just what an awesome city Chicago is and it was very clear to me how lame it is that I spend so much time within the walls of my apartment or local coffee shop.

And I thought, I should do something with this beautiful day.

When I got home, I cleaned my apartment (and I mean cleaned, hands and knees scrubbing) and then I sat by the window to download my farmer's market pics and then I thought, wait, I was going to do something with this absolutely perfect day!

Elsewhere in my mind, I am thinking about a story that I've been working on for a while (four years?) and it all is working quite well except for one scene that takes place at a farmer's market. I just can't get it right. Today, while wandering around the tables and chatting with the occasional farmer, I tried to figure out just what I wasn't getting right in the story. I still don't know...ack.

Well the sun is shining and I'm thinking I shouldn't be a lazy bum

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