Sunday, September 30, 2007


There's a "30 Rock" marathon on Bravo right now. Cable television makes me happy.

And, yes, I know it's a perfect day outside, but I woke up at 4 am two states to the West and drove half my life away this morning. (I had to wait until 5am before I could hit the road because there was a big time Thunderstorm in MN this morning.) Blarg.

Then, when I finally got home (hello, quick trip to Target to get a mini-food processor so that I may make myself some hummus whenever I want to), I found in my mailbox, a bill from the emergency room. Ouch.

And then, in my email inbox, I found a very kind rejection letter, "Although I think there are some nice descriptions...."

But still, I am so, very tired. Tired from the drive. Tired from Target. Tired from carrying everything back up to my apartment. Tired from submitting stories and getting really encouraging rejection letters.

Maybe I shall take a break from submitting stuff for a while.

Ah, but...

Almost ten years ago, I read a story that I really loved. The story had won the O. Henry award for short fiction in 1999. In the anthology, the writers of the winning stories contributed notes regarding the stories. Let me share a bit of the letter from Peter Baida, author of the winning story:

A note of encouragement for middle-aged writers: I was forty-six when I wrote 'A Nurse's Story,' and had published exactly one story in the previous twenty years. A discouraging note: twenty-two editors rejected the story before Peter Stitt took it for 'The Gettysburg Review.'

So I try to remind myself not to give up, regardless of the tone of the rejection letters. If Peter Baida had given up, I never would have read his story. And, friends, it's a really really good story.

Now, I must choose between:

Door #1) 30 Rock marathon

Door #2) Grey's Anatomy (to watch online)

Door #3) sleepy time


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