Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gary knits a stinky rag

Aren't palindromes fun?! No?
Yesterday, I was at a local coffee shop for about 2 1/2 hours working on the Palindrome, and this is what I got:

words wanting
am I space?
this filling person,
place or thing?

say you, "place"

sad one, never is water too cold, too deep too distant

are people only allowed that behavior?

the rules breaks loneliness

And then, at some point in the piece that section will read (in reverse) as:

Loneliness breaks rules. (The behavior that allowed.) Only people are distant, too deep. Too cold too.

"Water is never one sad place," you say.

"Thing or place?"


Filling this space, I am wanting words.

Or it could go the other way around. In the second scene, the two characters in the story are playing some kind of MadLibs game and the woman is asking the guy for a noun, but he can only talk about wanting to be like water and not like people. The fist scene up there is about the woman feeling like she's just a placeholder for his affections. Still needs a lot of work, obv.

Normally, I work on stories like I'm putting together a puzzle. Working on the border first (usually all at once) and then filling in the center. With this piece, I'm working on it like a quilt. Writing one scene at a time (deciding what the scene will be and then working sentence-by-sentence) and then putting them together to form one big cozy story...hopefully.

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