Tuesday, August 14, 2007

dressy dress

Yesterday was my most productive day of the summer:

I had a job interview (fingers crossed, 2nd interview is Thursday)..

I stared at the palindrome for about an hour:

I had lunch with a friend.

I stopped by another friend's workplace. We then wandered around the Cultural Center for a while.

I traded an ill-fitting shirt for some kick-ass wide legged pants (I bought them a size big so they would fall on my hips, but that means I need to hem them. Tonight. Because I want to wear them tomorrow.)

I wrote the schedule for my current job, pretending that I had acquired the new job.

I watched "So You Think You Can Dance" (Go Sabra...or Neil...he's pretty ok too)

Oh, and I made a dress:

Now, hows about some self-portrait round up?!

ps: I want her dress.

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