Monday, August 06, 2007


I do the darndest things when I get bored/feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown, be it hemming a dress, painting a room or driving to Louisville:

I went to Louisville to visit my friend. Megan. This is Megan with a big baseball bat:

And then I took a turn with the bat and Megan played fashion photographer, gettin' all experimental (that same dude is leaning on the bat! I guess he got attached to the slugger):

There are many, many art cars in Louisville, I took a picture of Megan taking a picture:

We went to an art museum where they had a room of paper mache projects by a current resident at a Kentucky penitentiary. He only uses toilet paper and glue and a couple of other prison-issue supplies for his work. It was all *amazing* I should have written down his name, but alas, I didn't. He's not trying to plead his innocence, which is good. He clearly knows that he belongs in jail. This piece was called "A man in a cage making a man in a cage."

There was also a poem waterfall, words projected onto a wall:

And there were many red penguins running around. They were so cute, I couldn't resist striking up a little fling with one of them. Some paparazzi caught us canoodling:

I realized a couple of things when looking at this picture. 1) My hair and the South do not mix and 2) Why do I make that stupid face? I must've had six pictures from this trip where I'm making that damn face:

Churchill downs:

And then, 34 hours after I arrived, I drove home:

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Lindsay said... and megan look so adorable! this trip has nothin on the trip we're taking in my mind to philly. love you!