Sunday, July 29, 2007

were you looking for Zooey/bangs/hair information?

Part 1: A few days ago, I wrote a short post about my hair and my want for bangs (with a promise that a future post devoted completely to bangs would one day follow...this is not that post...but it will be here soon, promise). So, anyway, it's just something that's been on my mind for fifteen years--wanting bangs.

Part 2: This here blog allows me to see how people find the blog, as in, I can see what they typed into Google to send them to this page. I have noticed that in the past several days, 30-40 people a day have found this blog searching for information on bangs. Welcome.

Part 3: The only information I have regarding bangs is that I wish, desperately that I had them and also that any man I have lost has been to a girl with bangs, therefore: damn be-banged girls.

Part 4: If you want to browse the blog, welcome (again) I can't post any pictures right now because I'm in MN visiting my parents and when I tried to plug my camera into the computer iphoto opened automatically and I was all "oh no! is it downloading all of the photos from my camera?!" because there are photos of certain boy-parts that shouldn't be downloaded onto my very Catholic parents' computer.

Part 5: I'll be home tomorrow, the bang post shall follow sometime this week.


Explosions in the Sky, "Welcome, Ghosts" (The Music Slut) - I'll post this link Monday

PS: I can't format this yet (add color, bullets, etc), will do that tomorrow.
PPS: yup, I'm drunk
PPPS: I *Really* want a cigarette, haven't had one in 3 days!

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Cindy said...

i did indeed find your blog from a google search on bangs and curly hair. i read the post that came up and immediately loved it. the wit, the writing, the longing for bangs - how could i resist? hope you don't mind if i stop by to read once in awhile. :)

oh, and strangely enough, i am in MN, where you are apparently currently visiting.