Tuesday, July 31, 2007

poof that I am, indeed, a super-hero

I came to this here coffee shop to "work on" the Palindrome*, which I have been "working on" for seven months. A couple of months ago, I was about three pages into the piece (yes!) when I looked at my notes and I thought, 'this would be fun to turn into a chapbook!' Turns out I'm crazy. Writing this story/chapbook/poem is the hardest project that I've ever taken on, and I used to run cross country...and that's hard...especially when you're me.

So, the palindrome is kicking my ass, but I'm determined to turn it into something special. I'll post a picture tomorrow, or later tonight, depending on how this coffee hits me.

*the Palindrome is-----a story that I'm working on that can be read the same forward as backwards. Other palindromes include: "A man a plan, Panama." and "Racecar" and "So many dynamos!"

Self portrait wrap up!

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