Monday, July 02, 2007

My Heart is an Idiot

I feel like I should post something since it's been a while...

Good news is, I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought some cereal and wine. And all is right again.

Anyways.... I was perusing the internets and stumbled upon this guy and his documentary film project. Right on. You should check it out too.

I'm also working on some words that lead up to this:

Max tells me “it be like that sometimes” like I'm supposed to give in to the give up and the nothing left to do but sit on these steps and wait for a comet to come and blow me up something times a million pieces so no one will know what my sweet little me looked like ever. I suppose it's something like when you're riding in a car and you know it's going to crash any second but you can't stop the car because the driver is an asshole who doesn't want to go to prom and that's why you burned him with your cigarette. So I say to Max I’m not worried ‘cause I can change the times and I turn the hands of the clock because when it comes to hands I have a magic little trigger in my pocket and I only pull it out to make change for the dollar bills come raining from the money tree I got in my back yard sprouted when I planted those magic beans and he was so twisted out he didn't know dog from god and he ran his sorry ass home and I sat on these steps and I looked at the milky way stars and I saw which one was the comet come to send me to heaven or something cloudlike with gates and angels and such and I laughed the sky out of my way 'cause I told god I had other things coming and he had to wait because when time times me it equals something like sunshine and in the daytime you can't see anything astrological but the moon and any fool knows a moon on the horizon's same size as a moon up top in the middle of the sky and I'm a smart girl, and I know that no comet the size of a pin prick in a sorry man's spine can wreck me. Can break my skinny little bones.

And those words plus other words will hopefully at some point end up as something like a story.

more soon. promise.

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