Thursday, July 26, 2007

karma? is it you?

I have always believed in karma. The kind that, um beware my grammar in this post-yikes, the kind that whatever kind of person you were in your last life dictates your fate in this life. Going along with that theory, I think I must've been a grade-A jerk in my last life. Sure, good things happen here and there, but, also, many not-so-good things. Say life is a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being starving to death in a cardboard box and 10 being Heidi Klum, I'd put myself at a solid, a 5,71...ish.

So, this morning at work, I gave a customer 10% off on her sunglasses, even though the sale doesn't start until next week. Then, later in the day, I was purchasing a necklace and someone had put a sale sticker on the necklace, even though I knew it wasn't on sale. When I handed it to the (cute) cashier I told him that I didn't think the sale sticker belonged on the necklace and then I shrugged like "eh, I'll get it anyway." So he rings up the total and I smile and say "thanks." (if I knew how to flirt, I would have tried to do a little of that, but, you see, anytime I try to flirt kittens cry and rainbows fade and it's really just a bad scene)

so, la-dee-dah, I go home, make some guac, drink some beer, look at the receipt, and, whattaya know!, he gave me the sale price! 50% off!

I love the necklace. I think it shall be my new good luck charm. Or shall I say good karma charm.


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