Monday, June 25, 2007

ah, me

This morning, my day off, as I shuffled to the kitchen to the sound of Oprah echoing from my sitting room (literally, it is where I sit on the floor to listen to records/watch SYTYCD), I was looking forward to a breakfast of grape nuts and raisins. But when I opened the cabinet, I realized that I had polished off the grape nuts yesterday, darn. It was at that moment that I realized that I am the Old Mother Hubbard for the 21st century as evidenced by the contents of my refrigerator:

slightly less depressing than the contents of my freezer:

but all is not lost, I still have the olde stand-bys:

I am now going to attempt yesterday's crossword.

1 comment:

Player of words said...

i like that bob ross is peeking the fridge. sascha does that everytime i open it. not sure what she thinks she'll find, but i let her sniff and think she's hunting.