Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"In the beginning, sometimes I left messages in the street."

That there quote is from the cover of a book, Wittgenstein's Mistress, that I received in the mail today. I went a splurgin' last week and bought many books at Powells (weeee!!!!).

The new year has been full of my fat bum hanging out on the couch watching terrible television and eating cereal. Ahh, what a way to be productive in the new year. Now, finally, FINALLY!, I am a somewhat functional human and have been scribbling little notes here and there (one driven by a new book purchase, The Mystery of Numbers!). I've also been putting together the syllabus for my class. The Culture of Cool. How to teach cool? With a little help from some friends, I'm figuring it out.

So, sorry, to my faithful (4) readers for the long absence. I shall try to be a better blogger. My apologies, please enjoy this song poem and I will be back soon soon soon:

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