Thursday, November 09, 2006

a pen pal would be nice, i think

I'm working on a story about writing a letter. I like this story, It's actually part of an old story that just didn't go anywhere, but a story that I've always really kind of loved. So, now, I'm breaking that old story into bits and pieces and turning those pieces into stories of their own. And currently, I'm writing a story about writing a letter.

People just don't write letters anymore. I'd like to be a person to try to bring it back. But I've never been able to maintain addresses. I think, wouldn't it be nice to send my friends birthday cards, but I don't know all of their birthdays. So, random letters should be fine, right? But I can never maintain the addresses. Everyone's always moving, roaming about, pursuing their dreams and whatnot. But, one day, I'll be a grey haired hag. And I'll have a nifty little writing desk with a nifty little drawer. And in that drawer I'll keep some nifty little stationary and a niftly felt-tip pen. Darling stamps and precious envelopes. And, dear friends, I will write letters.

On to music.

Some time ago, I was perusing the Internets and I stumbled upon a charming young man with a lot of musical talent. Where can I download his music?! I thought! Because the sounds streaming from his website were so delightful! Nowhere, my computer replied, you have to buy his cd... Do what now? I asked, as I have not bought a cd in over a year, partially due to low finances and partially due to-why buy a cd when I can download? And then, I thought, here's a guy, not too famous, making good music, I should support him. So I wrote his name in my notebook and promised myself that, come next payday, I would purchase the cd...

...As I said, that was some time ago...

...Today, I was listening to 89.3, The Current and I heard a delightful song, I raced to the Current website, where they update the playlist as the songs are on the air and I read the name and I said, hmm, familiar. And then I found the website and I saw the picture and I said. A-ha. And then I looked in my notebook and I said, bad m.lady, you swore to buy the cd. So I promise, I will buy it. As soon as I'm done telling all of you (all 4 of you) that his name is...


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