Friday, November 24, 2006

I thought I saw Icarus

Just a little hanging out at the airport time here. I'm in Minneapolis (or am I in Bloomington?) and I'm just waiting on a plane. I actually like the act of flying. Swooping up and trying to see my house from the sky (which I actually did on the way out of Chicago). I don't like anything else about flying. The people, the hassle, the having to leave the house at 6am so I can be at work by 11. No funsters.

I am currently attempting to cut out the sound of the airport. The people around me chomping on scones and breakfast sandwiches. Kids pointing out the wings of the plane. Business calls. I'm just cruising the internets, downloading music, trying to write something more than rambling here.

I grew up here, in Minnesota, but it never felt like home. Neither did Ithaca, Los Angeles, Boston, or Chicago. So I'll just keep moving around until I find a place I can call my own. Maybe somewhere warm. Maybe somewhere with a porch I can sit on all year round. And I'll get a dog.

pretty song.

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