Monday, September 18, 2006

"Any fool can think of words that rhyme."

I don't want to write at music anymore, I just want to write about it. About how the rhythm and the melody and the pain of it all just cuts me. I want to write a song from beginning to end. Break it down and figure out all of the little pieces.

For a while I thought of getting back into music criticism, actually trying to get paid for it this time, but I just don't feel good rating another artist. Giving them a star rating or any other kind of declaration of quality.

What's good, what's bad, who am I to say?

I'm just a girl with a killer crush on a tall dark and handsome named myooooooooooozik.

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I once remarked to someone, "I don't know how anyone could've made it through high school without Morrissey." They responded, "I don't really like Morrissey."

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